Our team is the key asset to our success!



4th Generation~Bruce and Kathy Harker

Bruce and Kathy took over the family farm in 1973.  Their breath of fresh air and new ideas brought on the expansion of the road side retail market, as well as, the proprietorship of their wholesale packing facility.  They transitioned the farm to it’s Certified Organic status in the 1990’s.  Kathy works her magic in the office taking immaculate care of the accounting, while Bruce has his hands, or at least a finger in all other aspects of the business.  Their passion about sustainable farming, and to have a legacy to pass down to the 6th generation keeps their roots firmly secured to the farm.

5th Generation~Troy Harker

Troy’s passion for farming brought him back to the family farm in 2005.    From his very first journey in the business came new ideas, innovation and the next generation of fresh air within the business.  His dedicated research and ambitious farming is slowly transitioning the farm from Bruce’s generation of Trees to the newer high density varieties and planting style.  The 4th and 5th generations worked together to create two new entities within the business; Rustic Roots Winery and the Restaurant Program.  This step stayed true to the past, with each generation adding to the complexity and sustainability of the business.   In 2010, took over sales and has blossomed in this role!  As is the legacy his father put forward, his mandate and goal is to create a sustainable farm and business to pass down to the next generation….

5th Generation~Sara Harker


Sara’s addition to the family and the business was a natural fit.  Her passion for family and sustainability echoes through all she contributes.  She started her journey with her first year of environmental biology at Langara and transfering to UBC.  Sara worked as restaurant manager for years, which sprouted her passion for food and wine.  She then completed a certificate program in Business Administrative Management, then going on to complete the Winery Assistant Program at Okanagan College.  Upon completion of the Winery Assistant Program she was asked to apply to become a VQA Assessor, completing this with the highest marks, and also taking the title of youngest VQA assessor.  She now sits as chair for Similkameen Wineries Association.

5th Generation~Alysha Harker

Alysha’s passion for the wine industry in addition with her move to Vancouver was a perfect fit.  She is the face of Rustic Roots Winery in the Fraser Valley, representing this multi generational family farm and diversified business.  She brokers for the winery, getting the Rustic Roots brand and story out to all of you within arms reach of the region.

5th Generation~Tyla Harker

Tyla is also involved in this very diversified business. She is a team member and helps out in all aspects of the business from the Tasting Room in the Winery to picking in the field, packing in the warehouse and delivering to the restaurants.

The 4th and 5th generations are excited about the future of this business and all it entails!

Chantal Winser

Chantal has become a big part of our business and a great part of our team in the last year.  She is our eyes and ears in the office, answering phones, replying to emails, and invoicing our customers.

Wholesale/Packing Crew

Packing Supervisor: Odeila Figuero

Shipper/Receiver: Sly Labreque

Organic Packing Specialists: Tyla, Sherri, Odeila, Christina, Yolanda, Tim, Allison

This is the crew that get’s it done!  They pack 10-11 months of year from Apples for the majority of the season, to softfruit, vegetables and even herbs.  They do an amazing job to ensure that what reaches you is of the highest standard of organic produce, and that we are proud to put the Harvest Moon Brand on that product.

Field Crew

Fun in the sun…mud…sweat… and we can’t forget the famous Similkameen Wind! This hardworking team does the dirty work…literally!  They harvest a variety of ground crops, herbs and tree fruits.  They usually start out in the field in the early morning, keeping the integrity of the produce.  They then bring the produce inside and wash, grade and pack it.  Once again, we could not do what we do without these amazing, hardworking team members!

Organic Retail Specialists

Our Very knowledgable front of house staff can assist you in gaining more knowledge about Organics, the Similkameen Valley and our beautiful seasonal produce!

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