The farm is a very diverse place…as Troy likes to say we have a very big garden!  It is  comprised of about 18 acres of tree fruits and 8 acres of ground crops.


Everything we grow on our farm is started from seed in our little 1200 square foot greenhouse!  It is amazing to plant a baby seed in the soil, transplant it when it becomes a toddler, plant it in the field when it becomes a teenager and harvest the fruit off of it as an adult!

In 2010 after returning from Hawaii, on their family/honeymoon/working holiday, Troy and Sara brought the art of growing Micro Greens.  This gives us the opportunity to create revenue from our crops starting in February, while everything else is costing money, the seeds, the labour, the heat etc…

Here is Troy happily harvesting some Bull’s Blood Beet Micro Greens for a FAM Tour!

Field Crops

We grow a variety of field crops from 40 varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes, 80 Varieties of Hot Peppers, 250000 Sweet Pepper Plants etc.

Miscellaneos Field Crops

We do a variety of miscellaneous items that are primarily sold to our restaurants…these include Peruvian Purple Potatoes, Cape Goose Berries, Tomatillos etc.


We have over 30 Varieites of Large Heirloom Tomatoes ranging in color and size from Orange Cherry Tomatoes to 1-2lb Tasty Evergreen.

We have scaled back production of field and roma tomatoes and focussed on over 3 acres of Heirloom Varieties!

Tree Fruits

We grow a variety of Tree fruits from Gala and Honeycrisp apples to Bartlett and Abata Fatale Pears, 5 Varieties of Peaches, 2 Varieties of Nectarines, and Cherries.

Our farm displays 3 different style of the farming of tree fruits.  The 96 year old apple tree is a display of the 2nd generations farming, the Spartans and Macs are an example of the 3rd and 4th style and the high density Honeycrisp is an example of the 5th Generation!