When, Where, and Why the program started….

The seed of an idea for this program developed prior to the 4th Generation joining the farm.  During Sara’s time in restaurant management, the idea to create an event based around the beautiful produce grown on the farm planted this seed.  When Sara and Troy moved back to the farm in 2005, the seed started to grow and in 2008, with the demand for local, sustainable organic produce came the blossoming of this program.  In 2008, with the addition of Chef Bernard Casavant to the Okanagan, the Sonora Room Restaurant at the Burrowing Owl became one of our first restaurants.  The program has flourished, now servicing over 20 restaurants from Osoyoos to Kelowna.  It has been with the overwhelming support and coaching of some of the best Chef’s in the Okanagan that the program has come thus far in such a short time.

What’s New….

We are working to become a carbon neutral delivery system.  It is our goal to have our delivery truck run on recycled vegetable oil from the restaurants that we supply.  We are shooting to have this up and running for the 2013 season.

In 2010 we purchased a refrigerated trailer to accommodate delivering such delicate produce in  heat of the Okanagan/Similkameen summer.

We are also very excited to announce that we have recently joined the Okanagan Chef’s Association.


Sara just attended a Farm Folk City Folk event in Vancouver, where the key speaker said;

“Invest in eating local.  Restaurants that purchase local are generally higher priced as the cost of local food is higher.  Think of this as an investment in your future, and local sustainable food!”   David Yudkin, Hot Lips Pizza (Portland Oregon)

Our Amazing Supporters!

Like I said, the mandate for this program when it started was to “treat your smallest customer like they are your biggest”, and this ideology along with the amazing support of these incredible chefs allows us to support small, local, organic family farms in the program.

Chef Natasha's creation of Harker's Zuchini Blossom and Micro Greens

Wild Apple~Manteo Resort~Chef Bernard Casavant


Chef Bernard has been the driving force behind the success and expansion of this program.  Upon moving to Kelowna for the 2009 season, he took us with him.  His high regards of our service and produce allowed us to expand the program in Kelowna quite easily.  His passion of sustainability and high quality food resonates in his support of Harker’s Organics and Rustic Roots Winery and all that we stand for.  We are truly grateful!

Sunset Organic Bistro~Summerhill Pyramid Winery~Chef Jesse Croy

Organic Winery…food from the Organic Capital of Canada…Perfect Fit!  We started working with Chef Jesse Croy in 2010.  He is a true “outside of the box” thinker and always amazes us with what he creates with our produce!

Mica Restaurant~Spirit Ridge Resort~Chef Rob Walker

We have been working with the restaurant at Spirit Ridge since it opened, and are pleased to continue our relationship with Chef Rob Walker.  We are looking forward to

Nk’Mip Restaurant~Nk’Mip Cellars~Chef Liam McNulty

It has been a pleasure to work with the very unique minds and the unique Chef Liam McNulty at Nk’Mip.  We look forward to the upcoming season in 2013.



Sonora Room~Burrowing Owl Estate Winery~Chef Chris VanHooydonk

Executive Chef Chris VanHooydonk


Senior Manager Ron Douglas

The Sonora Room has been one of our longest standing supporters in this program.  Executive Chef Chris VanHooydonk and Executive Sous Chef Jonathan Thauberger have been two of our biggest Advocates.  During the peak of the season, they have even had a menu item that exclusively uses what we supply to them.  We have also had the pleasure of having them come and create amazing food at our Harvest Festival in the Fall.

Terrafina Restaurant~Hester Creek Winery~Chef Natasha Schooten

We are excited for the expansion of the program to reach new restaurants such as Terrafina at Hester Creek this coming season.  Chef Natasha Schooten is expanding her hold on the Okanagan and embracing this new restaurant!

Miradoro Restaurant~Tinhorn Creek Winery~Chef Jeff VanGeest


Miradoro has proven to have an amazing view of the South Okanagan and some of the most delicious food! We are excited to be working with Chef Jeff VanGeest!

 Hillside Bistro~Hillside Estate Winery~Chef Robert Cordonier

Executive Chef Robert Cordonier has also been one of our biggest advocates, starting with us at the Sonora Room in 2008 and now working collectively at Hillside since 2010.  We have also had the pleasure of having him come and work his magic, creating delicious food at our Harvest Festival.

Locale Lounge and Grill~Chef Paul Cecconi

Paul Cecconi

We have had the pleasure of working with Executive Chef Paul Cecconi since 2010.  We are looking forward to an even busier season with this great Chef and his delicious creations.

Bonfire Restaraunt~Cove Lakeside Resort

We had a late start with Bonfire in 2010 and are gearing up to expand for the 2013 season!

Mission Hill Estate Winery~Chef Matt Batey

This is another great Chef we have had the opportunity to supplement his long list of local suppliers, along with his own garden, to extend the season of

Raudz Regional Table~Chef Rod Butters

We are very excited to be working with the amazing team at Raudz this year!  They are a great addition to our program as they are as passionate about local organic food as we are!

Old Vines~Quail’s Gate Winery~Chef Roger Slieman

It has been a true pleasure to work with Executive Chef Roger Slieman.  We also supplement his garden and his suppliers with our produce.

Restaurant~Delta Grande~Executive Chef Stuart Klassen and Chef Edson Antejos

Our relationship with the Delta started in 2010 and we look to expanding in

Waterfront Restaurant and Wine Bar~Chef Mark Fillatow

We supplement Chef Mark’s other suppliers with earlier and later season


DeBakkers Kitchen~Chef Sandy

We had the pleasure of starting with Sandy and Mary when they opened in the summer of 2010.