Organizations we are Involved In!

Harker’s Organics is proud to be involved in some key Organizations in B.C.

TLC~The Land Conservancy

The Land Conservancy of BC

Since 1997, TLC has been working with members of the agricultural community to promote agriculture as an environmentally compatible industry.  Agricultural land has the potential to contribute enormously to the preservation of biodiversity.  While agricultural development has itself encroached on natural systems, in many cases patches of undeveloped, privately owned land now represent the last vestige of habitat for many native species.  Whether it be a stand of old growth trees along the river, a patch of flourishing wetland, or an uncultivated grassland slope – these areas may be critical for the survival of plants and animals native to British Columbia.

In many cases, landowners are committed to caring for natural areas on their properties.  However, little business incentive exists to offset the potential financial and time constraints associated with protecting or restoring important wildlife and plant habitats.

TLC recognizes the value of conserving farmland for its environmental, economic, historical and social benefits.

Harker’s Organics has been working with TLC to conserve a riparian area of the farm close to Cawston Creek.  Harkers is also adament about  the conservation of some wild areas in there farm which you can see from the highway with the Cottonwoods that run adjacent to Highway 3.

Salmon Safe

Harker’s Organics is one of the First 10 farms in BC to Become Pacific Salmon Safe Certified!

Over 190 species of plants and animals depend on salmon: from algae and mosses to bears, whales and people. For salmon to survive and thrive, these genetically diverse fish need access to healthy habitat, food, good water quality and enough water in streams. Achieving healthy, sustainable and naturally diverse Pacific salmon stocks requires time, money and dedicated people.

In the past 22 years, through several programs, the Pacific Salmon Foundation has filled, and continues to fill, many of these needs.

The Foundation continues to raise funds and direct funding to grassroots, volunteer and community-driven projects focused on the conservation and recovery of Pacific salmon. The Foundationj supports research and science, then integrates this knowledge into program plans at the community and watershed level. The Foundation works with First Nations, private companies, educational institutions, non-profit groups, all levels of government, and commercial and recreational anglers to bring salmon back to our streams.

“Pacific Salmon Foundation’s leadership has been critical in British Columbia, and it will continue to be in the future. PSF has always recognized two things: that the salmon are at the heart of our province’s spirit and our sense of natural beauty, and also communities are the critical component in making sure we protect them, enhance their habitat and ensure future generations benefit from a relationship with salmon that is equivalent to all the rest of us.” – Premier Gordon Campbell, May 2006